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Halpino, the third and youngest property in the Duff Green Mansion family of luxury guest homes, is located at 1001 Locust Street just nine hundred feet from the back door of the Duff Green Mansion. Built in 1986 in the Williamsburg motif as a law office the building was converted to overnight accommodations in 2022 by Harley and Rick Caldwell. They added five ensuite bathrooms all with walk-in showers and converted the reception areas to sitting and eating areas. Your Halpino accommodation includes pool privileges at Duff Green Mansion along with the world-famous Duff Green breakfast served in the mansion every morning at 8:30 am followed by the story of the home and the people who lived there.
The name Halpino came from a large tract of land at Eagle Lake in north Warren County. The five bedrooms are named for famous Mississippians.

Madam CJ Walker was born just across the river in Louisiana but moved to Vicksburg as a young adult. When she suffered health issues that affected her hair, she invented a hair tonic for African American women. It sold like hot cakes, and she became one of the first female millionaires in the country. Her bedroom is on the first floor and offers a King bed and new bathroom.

The King himself is located across the hall from Madam. Hailing from Tupelo, MS, maybe the most famous and celebrated Mississippian is Elvis Aaron Presley. His room offers a Queen bed and new bathroom with a walk-in shower. This room is not the “Heartbreak Hotel.”

The opposite end of the first floor offers the Tennessee Williams room. Tennessee lived in New Orleans while he wrote most of his work but was born Thomas Lanier Williams in Columbus, MS, in 1911. He became one of the most recognized writers in America with A Streetcar Named Desire being cited as having changed the structure of American playwriting. This room has a four poster King bed, large closet, and big shower.

Upstairs on the south side of the guest home is the John Grisham Room. Named for John Ray Grisham born in 1955 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Grisham became a Mississippian by the age of four. Grisham has written 37 consecutive bestsellers, but the Caldwells are most proud of him for the time he spent in the Mississippi House of Representatives in the 1980s. Grisham and other young members of the House, embarrassed by Mississippi’s national reputation, became a catalyst for change partially evidenced by the passage of the MS Education Reform Act in 1982. As leadership changed in the early 90s Grisham decided to write instead. The rest is history. The Grisham room offers a queen bed, walk-in closet, and walk-in shower. *Please note it is upstairs.

Also, upstairs on the north side of the home is our smallest room named for our most famous Mississippian, William Faulkner of Oxford who wrote The Sound and The Fury
while working as the night watchman at the local power plant. This was after he had been fired as the postmaster for reading on the job. Like many Mississippians, Faulkner never graduated from high school or earned a college degree yet he won the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature and two Pulitzer Prizes. When invited to the Kennedy white house for dinner Faulkner’s comment was. “Why that’s a hundred miles away. That’s a long way to go just to eat.” *Please note this room is located on the second floor and, while most affordable, it is our smallest room. It does feature the Halpino signature walk-in shower.



Our Rooms

William Faulkner Room

Upstairs – Queen Bed, Bathroom is ensuite and brand new with walk-in shower.  This is the smallest room in the house, but there is a big sitting room outside the room.

The Madam C.J. Walker Room

First floor King Bed, Bathroom is ensuite and brand new with walk-in shower.

The John Grisham Room

Upstairs – Queen Bed, Bathroom is ensuite and brand new with walk-in shower.  This room adjoins the big sitting room shared with the William Faulkner.

The Elvis Presley Room

First Floor –  Queen Bed, Bathroom is ensuite and brand new with walk-in shower.

The Tennessee Williams Room

First Floor – King Bed, Bathroom is ensuite and brand new with walk-in shower.

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Downtown Charm

Nestled in the heart of downtown Vicksburg just a short stroll away from the Mississippi River, visitors can enjoy shopping, dining, museums and more.

Business Travel

We offer rooms to guests traveling for work and can fit the budget for government per diem rates.


This property offers all the conveniences you need with affordable rates to fit any budget.


Free Wi-fi  • Free off-street parking. • Communal sitting area and dining area Complimentary soft drinks, water and coffee available along with a microwave

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